Introducing the Pantry collection; food inspired fragrances to delight the senses. The Pantry collection is a little bit of fun, or at least we had a lot fun making them - the combinations come from a few of our favourite foodie items (there were some that wouldn’t have quite made the cut in candle form - we're looking at you, fish and chips).

Rum & Raisin

With the summer in full force now we have been to our local ice creamery ‘Holy Cow’ a fair few times now (and admittedly before summer started too) but we absolutely can’t get enough of Rum & Raisin. Is that anybody else’s go to, or is this a rogue choice on our part?!

That is where the first spark came from and we thought we’d see how it would work as a candle and we were pleasantly surprised! The honeyed spiced rum is tempered by by a sweet but slightly acidic raisin scent and makes for a perfectly balanced blend that evokes happy memories of  salty sea, summer loving days spent at the beach! (Eating copious amounts of said ice cream). 

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The second scent in the pantry collection is our Baklava candle - I pray everyone has tried Baklava because it is truly delicious. If you haven’t think caramel, honey, salty nuts with that slightly roasted flavour. Pure heaven, luckily enough we have a local bakery ‘Mamoosh’ who sell this exquisite baked good. (Obviously we needed to get copious amounts whilst playing around with the scent and styling). It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it. 

This scent is luxurious and has notes of honey, milk, salted caramel but isn’t super sweet and sickly. It’s a mellow summery scent that will give your home a dreamy relaxed vibe all summer long. 

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Tomato Vines

Third but by no means least is our tomato vine scent - you’ll have to trust us when we say how addictive and fresh this scent is, you’ll want it on subscription! There isn’t really another smell like it, that sun kissed tomato smell with the herby vine scents; zingy and so fresh. This is a must have and so heady and intoxicating you’ll definitely be coming back for more.  

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So we have become a little obsessed here with this new collection - can you tell we’re all foodies! We can’t wait for you all to try them, we hope you love them as much as we do!

Love & light,