I don’t know about you but though the scent is very very important, I am a sucker for a good jar (luckily our candles have great jars and amazing scents). I have always been into recycling jars as they are just so handy, whether in the kitchen or around the house and garden.

There are ways that your candle can keep on giving too, repurposing your jar has endless possibilities. If you didn't see our instagram reel the other week (do watch for tips on cleaning out your jar first!) here are some ideas;

Make up brush holder - we all need a make up brush holder, right? All of our jars are a lovely size to hold those all important make up tools.

candle jar makeup brush holder

Toothbrush holder - jazz up your bathroom with a new toothbrush holder, we all know they get questionable sometimes, so it’s always good to have a back up.

Cotton pad holder - I like to have two, I love the reusable cotton pads and have a jar for clean ones and a jar for dirty ones so I can wash a load in one go. They’re then not littering my dressing table and look nice sat in the jar. 

candle jar cotton pad holder

Drinking glass - One of the best cocktails I’ve had recently has been a mojito I made at home (don’t judge, I was pretending it was summer), and boy did it look extra good being presented in our tortoiseshell jar. So really, you're buying a new glass and a candle when you purchase. 

Paint pot - If you’re a keen arts and crafter, reusing the jar as a water pot is a great way to have a dedicated water jar that you don’t need to wash out all the time.

Fairy light pot - The light coming through the jar looks so lovely and you can use the delicate fairy lights with the amber glass to give a soft glow in the house and in the garden.  

Vase - Makes a very stylish vase to put both dried and fresh flowers in.

candle jar vase

Hope this gave you some inspiration to recycle your candle jars! :)